Sleep Dealers By Alex Rivera

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Rivera’s movie is described as a “neo-realist science fiction” because he uses science fiction in order to show a world that Mexican’s could be living, in the near future. We know that science fiction movies may seem outlandish at the time, but we have learned that a with today’s science, a lot of these ideas aren’t unfathomable in the near future. Sleep Dealers by Alex Rivera is a movie based in a futuristic Mexico, and tells the story of a young boy named emo. He is from Santa Anna, a small dry farming town. America is a global power and had taken control of Mexico’s water supply, in turn taking control of Mexico. Memo’s father, a farmer who has seen a lot of change in Mexico, is killed in the beginning of the movie by an American drone attack. The city of Tijuana is where many Mexicans go to find work because it is where you can “connect” with the United States in order to work there. “Connecting” with the U.S. in this future for a Mexican it is done by hooking up to a machine and working as a robot, this is result of the border being closed. Tijuana is known as the biggest border town and attracts a lot of people looking for work. Here Memo meets a woman named Luz, a writer who sells her memories for money, who implants Memos nodes. These node workers risk their lives every day, because of the work America provides.
In Sleep Dealers, Rivera paints a very realistic world in which the Mexican-American border is completely closed. His view of life in future Mexico comes

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