Sleep Debt and Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Who Needs Sleep?
People will die from from sleep deprivation before people die from food deprivation. It takes 2 weeks to starve, but only 10 days without sleep can kill people. Without sleep many of the people worldwide their daily functions will be taken away, such as remembering, retaining information and lastly you will be more prone to problem skin like acne. More than 78% of college and high school students pull all nighters at some point in their life in school. When pullin all nighters or not sleeping as long as students should people start to have sleep debt. Sleep debt is when people have exhausted themselves during the week and when the weekend comings you sleep as long as you can to try to make up for the loss of sleep you have missed during the week. Many students think this method will make them less tired in the long run, but it actually hurts them instead. As result of lack of sleep, people worldwide are suffering from diseases, lack of motivation and in extreme cases death because they are not getting the recommended amount of sleep.
When people dont sleep the amount that they should get they start to get a lack of motivation. This is one the largest effects of lack of sleep. Many students in high school or college start a new trimester or even a new school year they dread the amount of sleep they will lose. Staying up all night long trying to study for the big exam is how many students lose the amount of sleep . Not getting the recommended amount of…

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