Sleep Dependent Memory And Its Effect On Children

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What was interesting about the article?: What was interesting about the article was that the researchers decided their participants to be children because when people discuss about the importance of sleep they mostly direct it to older teenagers and adults. People do not pay close attention to the importance of sleep for children as much. Then the researchers decided to show two different ways of learning style to suggest how sleep improves learning ability, because those are factors one would not consider. The possibility that sleep may affect one learning style and not the other. Also, the researchers had shown a common belief of majority of people about the importance of sleep to be false was quite surprising. Abstract: The journal is about sleep-dependent memory and its effect on children 's learning abilities. Sleep-dependent memory is how memory is strengthened during sleep and is easier to retain and retrieve. The article discusses how sleep is necessary because it strengthens explicit memories in children. However -when it comes to implicit memory - children often do not show improvement of having retained the information. A study examined the effects of sleep-dependent memory on children by having them complete two tasks that were implicit and explicit, in order to see if they retained the information they learned before having gone to sleep. (302). Introduction: The problem for this study was that most research about sleep enhancing memory has been done
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