Sleep Deprivation And Sleep Deficiency

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Kevin Touch
Ms. Acosta-Mata
English 4 AP
6 Oct. 2015
Sleep Deprivation: A Bane to Men, Women and Children alike It was 12:30 am in the morning and Israel Joubert and his family was driving home after a family reunion. Joubert had hoped to get to his workplace on time at 8 am in the town of Fort Worth. However in the midst of his driving, Joubert fell asleep at the wheel resulting in a crash of the family’s Chevy Suburban into the rear of a parked 18-wheeler. Although one of his sons and he had survived, his wife and five kids were killed. (Fryer) In the article titled “Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Deficiency”, Sleep Deprivation is defined as a “condition that occurs if you don’t get enough sleep”. The fact of the matter is, sleep deprivation manipulates millions of people who are ignorant about the adverse effects of sleep deprivations to do devastating harm to not only themselves but others that they might deeply love. Due to the adverse physiological effects to humans, sleep deprivation will continue to undermine human society by taking advantage of sleep-deprived humans. Therefore, it is essential to inform the public about measures to prevent and treat sleep deprivation. In order to understand the effects of sleep deprivation, one must first understand how the body makes does one go to sleep. First off, the human body is built with an internal body clock which controls when one is awake and when one’s body is ready to go for sleep. Known as the circadian rhythm, this
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