Sleep Deprivation And Sleep Disorders

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Children that have trouble getting to sleep at night can suffer greatly in many areas due to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can also lead to a weaker immune system due to lack of bodily rest. This could also slow down brain growth due to it being active too often. The best way to help the child is to first realize what the main cause of the problem is and seek professional help for that specific disorder. Having a schedule for night time and keeping it consistent could possibly help aid in improving the child’s complications in sleeping. Sleep disorders around settling, night-time awakening, early morning arousal, shortened amount of sleep and unusual behaviors during the night. The implications of a child’s sleep difficulties on the individual as well as the entire family are multiple. Previous research has demonstrated a link between sleep problems and daytime problem behavior. Furthermore, children’s sleep problems often result in increased need for parental attention at night. Eighty-six percent of children with sleeping disorders also have learning disorders (Bartlett et al. 1985). It is suggested that sleep problems are one of the main reasons for parental stress in families with children with disabilities, but often go untreated because of a belief that these difficulties are an inevitable result of learning disabilities are seen as a ‘developmental problem’ to be ‘grown out of’, or are not always recognized by professionals as core mental health work. When
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