Sleep Deprivation And The Sleep Cycle

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Sleeping is very important for everyone as it helps our body to rest and recover its energy. Anyone, who doesn’t sleep well, can have many disorders that we will discuss later. We have first to explain what is a typical night`s sleep cycle then go ahead and describe how sleep deprivation impacts your ability to learn and your health as well. Regular night`s sleep cycle can always be described in 4 stages N1, N2 and N3. Where each stage has different information and different description. N1 can be said for light sleep. N2 is for sleep spindles. N3 is for the delta waves. Also there is REM and NREM sleep which defers from one stage to another. First stage will be N1 which is light sleep. In this stage your body starts to adjust itself and the other organs that it is about to stop working. Where at this stage the body drift between sleeping and out of sleep and it can be easily awakened from this stage. This stage affects the eye movement as it makes it move slowly and the muscle activity as well starts to relax. Many people said that they experienced sudden muscle contraction. There is also a hypnagogic images as hallucinations or vivid visual events and hypinc jerk for the knees, legs and sometimes for the whole body Second stage is N2, which can be expressed by sleep spindles as it is accompanied by stop of eye movement and different this stage, the body relaxes to the extreme as it stopes the eye movement and brain waves starts to slow down with an occasional
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