Sleep Deprivation And The Sleep

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Sleep is a basic necessity of everyday life. According to the National Foundation of sleep, a person is required to sleep at least seven to nine hours a day. (citation) As mentioned by Matt T. Bianchi in the book Sleep Deprivation and Disease, “ The normal quantity of sleep depends on the individual and a myriad of other factors such as environment and an individual 's waking needs.” (citation) This means that the quantity of sleep that people achieve depends on their body’s needs and functions. Unfortunately, according to the Nation Foundation of Sleep, twenty percent of individuals are affected by sleep deprivation each year. This a huge number. Sleep deprivation is a lack of the required sleep a person needs in a week . It can come in two forms. Partial sleep deprivation and total sleep deprivation. Often sleep deprivation leads to fatigue and dizziness. Sleep deprivation not only affects people mentally and physically, but it also affects society at large. Sleep occurs in two stages, R.E.M sleep and N.R.E.M sleep.( Insert Citation) R.E.M stands for rapid eye movement. This is also known as deep sleep. N.R.E.M sleep stands for non rapid eye movement. This is when one is not in a dream state. Deep sleep is when a person feels well rested after certain hours of sleep. Some people can get five hours of sleep but feel like they have had nine because one feels more rested when he or she experiences R.E.M sleep. R.E.M sleep occurs ninety percent of the time in infants and
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