Sleep Deprivation In Dearborn Public Schools

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Sleep is as essential to people as food and water. It is what recharges us after a long day, and gives our bodies a chance to heal and grow. So why don’t teenagers get enough of it? Teenagers today are faced with this devastating problem, called sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is when a person does not get enough sleep, which can rapidly lead to deadly health effects (Pietrangelo 1). This problem is serious, especially for adolescents, and should be addressed in an environment where teens feel fine with facing the severity of the issue. The most pressing teenage issue today that Dearborn Public Schools should address in the classroom is sleep deprivation since sleep deprivation causes lifelong mental health issues, it creates severe physical health problems,…show more content…
This is completely and utterly false. School systems should address this problem at school because they are a leading cause of sleep deprivation. Causes of sleep deprivation related to schools include staying up late at night to complete extra curricular activities or homework. Stress, depression, and other mental factors play a role in this, which could be caused by school, as well as caffeine and other stimulants, which are taken by students in an attempt to stay awake during the school day because of such early start times (“Causes of sleep Deprivation 1”). The system simply does not acknowledge student needs as much as it should, and is damaging students and their grades by not doing anything to fix this problem. Budget is also wasted because more funding is needed to teach students who can't learn because of lack of sleep. The schools can fix this problem easily, with less homework or later start times, and therefore should, not only for the students’ benefit, but for the school
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