Sleep Deprivation : Symptoms And Can Lower Your Body 's Natural Defense System

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Everyone has had a time in their life when they felt a little sleep deprived; there was a time in their life when they felt more tired than usual. It was either just a busy work week, or one night accidentally stayed up a few hours longer, but college students bring a new meaning to sleep deprivation. We are reported to be the highest number of sleep deprived people. Sleep deprivation comes in two stages: chronic and acute, whichever category, both come with extreme side-effects. The effects of chronic sleep deprivation form long-lasting symptoms and can lower your body’s natural defense system. One of the more obvious signs of sleep deprivation is yawning and increased irritability. As well as the obvious signs, chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to parts of the brain that decreases coordination and decision-making abilities. How many times have we reached a stage of exhaustion and called it “slap happy?” For the other stage of sleep deprivation, acute deprivation is more noticeable as it shows through appearance. Skin can start showing signs of hypoxia, which is when not enough oxygen is reaching the surface of the skin. Sleep deprived people’s skin can appear to be a pale, dull grey color. It is almost expected of college students to be sleep deprived and barely getting five hours a sleep a night. It is true, college students are almost walking zombies during the week. With the balance between classes, social life, working out, extra activities, and those that are…
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