Essay on Sleep Deprivation in College Students

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In today’s society, many people go through many days yawning, fighting to stay awake and indulging in many cups of coffee. If you were to ask them what the cause of their restlessness was, the popular statement would be a lack of sleep. However, most would not dare to think that a lack of sleep could cause multiple issues in everyday life. This problem has been seen to peak during the good ole college days. It is hard to imagine that those days of all-night cramming sessions and those late nights partying causing students to be sleep deprived could lead to a variety of problems like stress, long term insomnia, and a weakened immune system. The transition from life in high school can be problematic for the majority of students.…show more content…
However, Susan Holcomb states that stress is the most common factor leading to insomnia and a variety of factors can affect it worst like being female of the intake of caffeine (2007). Another major statement about the cause of insomnia is simply difficulty falling asleep. These factors causing little sleep one night can add up since postponing an adequate amount of sleep until the end of the week has been shown to cause long term effects. Students who know they will have to stay up late some nights should set aside one or two nights each week when they can afford to sleep more. Students who usually stay up late and get little sleep do not think of the consequences for the next day. Frequently, a majority of these students arrive at class only to fall the next day only to fall asleep after the professor starts the lecture. The poor behavior problem usually leads to low attendance rates and poor grades among sleep deprived students (Johnson). For first time freshmen, sleep deprivation has been known to cause a variety of issues that can lead to grave harm. Sleep deprivation can cause slow reaction time as well as headaches and nightmares more frequently. The mind will fall asleep if it cannot get enough sleep causing it to not function properly. Some side effects insomnia are feeling fatigue, depressed or a feeling of the body being completely drained (Haynes). One of these issues
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