Sleep Deprivation of College Students

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Sleep Deprivation of college students It is 11:30 in the morning and the lecture started half an hour ago. The classroom is still half empty. Although half of the class is here, they don’t look like awake. Most of them look like zombies. The above scenario is a common condition taken place in colleges. A research done by Tsui,YY, et al (2009) shows that two thirds of the participating students reported sleep deprivation. The poor sleep quality results in their zombie looks and poor attendants in lectures. Causes of Sleep deprivation Deprival of sleep strongly affects college students’ studies and personal life. Why would students have sleep deprivation? There are two main causes. Change in lifestyle First of all, the change…show more content…
It would undoubtedly make them awake at night, or even worse, they may suddenly wake up in the midnight for several times. Some of my university friends are suffering from sleep deprivation because of stress. Sometimes, they are afraid of cannot wake up on time in the morning for examinations, resulting in them cannot fall asleep even after two hours of staying on bed. Effects of sleep deprivation Sleep deprivation affects college students in many aspects. Two main effects are health problems and poor work performance. Health problem Sleep deprived has a strong influence in health. Some of the students would try to take drugs or use alcohol to help them inducing sleep. It would be likely to have a risk of addiction. Moreover, this sleeping problem will easily drive to have increasing blood pressure tremors, aching muscles, headaches, memory loss and the like. Furthermore, Melnick (2010) stated that “Researchers found that for each hour of lost sleep, levels of psychological distress rose by 5% in nearly 3,000 17-to-24-year-olds who were followed for 12 to 18 months. Overall, short sleepers were 14% more likely to report symptoms of psychological distress on a standard test, compared with people who got adequate sleep. “Most of the students would use coffee to help them stay awake at night so that they can study hard. However, it is not a wise choice. Although caffeine could be helpful for keeping people energetic
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