Sleep Disorders

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People can have the healthiest food, the best diet principle and the best emotional care in the world but if we not sleep, we can't live an ordinary life and maintain health. For this crucial time, there shouldn’t be any disturb to get good sleep. There are various kind of sleep disorder such as insomnia, Sleep apnea or Narcolepsy, which are enemies of good night sleep. In this report, I would like to cover the importance of good, proper sleep to overcome various sleep disorders and why sleeping in the dark is crucial for human. In addition, the reason why I put this sub topic, why we should sleep in the dark room, because I’m the coward who can’t tolerate and sleep in the darkness. I desperately want to dig up the answer, how dangerous it…show more content…
Everyone, especially children, have experienced fear of darkness when you close your eyes to sleep. The reason why fear the dark because not any logical reason but endless imagination is producing fear. However, one following experiment strongly clarify that even the tiniest bit of artificial light in the room can harm our health when we are sleeping. One sleep researcher team from University of Leicester in UK made an experiment with two groups of laboratory mice in the dark. The one group was moved to under the explosion of artificial light for one hour and the other group was still in the dark. According to the sleep researcher team, the group of laboratory mice exposed to the light shows strange disorder of cells in the brain. In this result, It is proved that if we angled down artificial light in the night, cells in the brain make a change and physical function can be collapsed. In other words, Artificial lighting shone during the night can stimulate the brain cells. Indeed, night workers who work under artificial light reported that the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer is much higher according to the previous research. Artificial light shuts down the production of making hormones called melatonin. If the secretion of this hormone get destroyed, it may bring out insomnia or severe mental illness. Everyone have experience of fell in sleep while studying under the desk stand. Hours of sleep is enough to think but somehow it feels tired and

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