Sleep Disturbance And Day Time Sleepiness

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which his characterized by snoring, sleep disturbance and day time sleepiness. There is a close relation between OSA and hypertension; as many as one-third of hypertensive patients and above 80% of those with resistant hypertension have OSA. Alcohol- Higher intake of alcohol increases the blood pressure. Reducing alcohol leads to fall in the systolic blood pressure. Stress- Psychological or environmental stress play a part in the causes of hypertension. Direct effects of situations such as poverty, unemployment and poor education (stressors) are involved, as are other aspects of lifestyle that are linked to hypertension. Exercise- Physical activity increases blood pressure, but people who exercise regularly have lower blood pressures. Such people, however, also may have a healthier diet and more sensible drinking and smoking habits. Other dietary factors- Vegetarians generally have lower BP than non-vegetarians. Reducing a meat rich diet with vegetable products reduces blood pressure. Caffeine and caffeinated drinks also increases blood pressure and must be avoided. THE VARIOUS BODY MECHANISMS THAT CAUSES AND INFLUENCES HYPERTENSION The various mechanisms that cause and influences hypertension are actually built into us for good reasons: we need them to keep our blood pressure from falling too low. But when they go somewhat awry, they cause high blood pressure. And when that happens, we need treatment for hypertension, ironically aimed at the same mechanisms. 1. How
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