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Ms. Nguyen English IV 25 March 2011 Narcotics The term narcotic comes from its original use for medicine which were use to heal the body. Not all people know the full background of narcotics. Narcotics have a huge impact in America society such as, addictions, crime, and death. Narcotics are a billion dollar underground industry of drug trafficking. Drugs journeyed from being a medical cure for many ailments to a highly dangerous and often abused substance today. Narcotics play a major role in many aspects of this country. The word "narcotic," arrives from the Greek word for stupor, which means to dull the senses and relieve pain (Hanson, 252). There is a long line in history where narcotics were developed (History of Opiates).…show more content…
One student has knowledge of a drug called speed and he or she offers it to his class mates telling them the pros about the drug. The overwhelmed student is persuaded into trying the drug because of all the good things that they’ve heard it can do. They never stop to consider the consequences that the drug may have such as becoming addicted and eventually overdosing (Teenage Peer Pressure). Narcotic overdose can be performed two ways, accidental or intentional (Drug Overdose). Accidental narcotics overdose occurs often in America, from the ages twelve on up. “Deaths from accidental overdoses increased to 19,838 in 2004, from 11,155 in 1999” (Drug Overdose). Drug overdoses take place when a person takes a higher dose of the drug than what a doctor will recommend. Toddlers can swallow drugs by accident because of their curiosity about narcotics they may find laying around their house (R. Goldberg). Most teens who practice abusing narcotics on the regular bases believe taking a stronger dose will get them higher, in actuality it will lead them to an accidental overdose. Their goal is to reach their first high. Intentional overdose takes place during depression, unawareness, and emotional discomfort. There comes a point in depression that makes certain people want to give up on life and they often turn to narcotics. Others, such as teens, are unaware of the effects narcotic can take on their mental and physical health (Health, The physical and mental effects of drug abuse).
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