Sleep Is A Basic Need For Your Child 's Body

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What You Need to Know About Quality Sleep, Pediatric Sleep is a basic need of every child. Children need more sleep than adults because they are constantly growing and developing. Between nighttime sleep and naps, children should sleep the following amount each day depending on their age: • 0–3 months old: 14–17 hours. • 4–11 months old: 12–15 hours. • 1–2 years old: 11–14 hours. • 3–5 years old: 10–13 hours. • 6–13 years old: 9–11 hours. • 14–17 years: 8–10 hours. Quality sleep is a critical part of your child’s overall health and wellness. WHY IS SLEEP IMPORTANT FOR MY CHILD? Sleep is important for your child’s body to: • Restore blood supply to the muscles. • Grow and repair tissues. • Restore energy. • Strengthen the defense (immune) system to help prevent illness. • Form new memory pathways in the brain. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF QUALLITY SLEEP? Getting enough quality sleep on a regular basis helps your child: • Learn and remember new information. • Build problem-solving skills and make decisions. • Pay attention. • Be creative. Sleep also helps your child: • Fight infections. This may help your child get sick less often. • Balance hormones that affect hunger. This may reduce the risk of your child being overweight or obese. WHAT CAN HAPPEN IF MY CHILD DOES NOT GET QUALITY SLEEP? Children who do not get enough quality sleep may have: • Mood swings. • Behavioral problems. • Trouble: • Solving problems. • Coping with
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