Sleep Is An Important Part Of Everyday Life Of A Human Being

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Sleep is an important part of the everyday life of a human being. There are multiple sleep cycles but in the process one of the most important stages is known as REM Sleep. REM also known as rapid eye movement is the very unique phase of sleep where the eyes begin to randomly move, and the extremities of the body become paralyzed while vivid dreaming begins to occur. This stage is the the most important for the consolidation of different memories and also in facial recognition and other mental processes. There are many studies that have been done about sleep and why it is important, but there are also many more studies to be conducted in the future because it is still pretty unsure to psychologists and doctors why sleep is actually so…show more content…
This kind of disorder can readily effect a persons sleep cycle as well as put them in danger. With being in a deep sleep and violently acting out it is very well possible that these individuals can put themselves into all sorts of danger and they would not even know that it was occurring until it would be too late. There is also a study that has been done that has somewhat shown psychologists and humans alike that memory is very well influenced by the amount of sleep that one receives. A study done to test the working memory had a group that napped and a group that did not. It was found that the Nap-group had higher accuracy on the working memory task, fewer lapses on the psychomotor vigilance test and lower state-sleepiness than the Wake-group. In the Nap-group, working memory accuracy was positively correlated with duration of rapid eye movement sleep (REM) and total sleep time during the nap (Lau, Wong, Lau, Hui, & Tseng, 2015). These findings suggested that taking a nap or sleeping during a daytime sleep opportunity had significant positive impact on working memory performance, without affecting subsequent nighttime sleep in young adult (Lau, Wong, Lau, Hui, & Tseng, 2015). This kind of study has also proven that studying right before one goes to sleep is more beneficial to remembering and doing well on a test than studying at any other point during the day. A research study conducted by Carol Everson in 1989 had tried to see
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