Sleep Is An Important Part Of Our Lives

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As we all know, sleep is an important part of our lives. Without the proper amounts and type of sleep, fatigue and other problems can arise. Generally, we can clearly distinguish between a sleeping person and a person that is awake. With sleeping disorders, the distinction between an awake person and a sleeping person becomes more intriguing. What is the difference, how does it relate to the I-function and consciousness? Each sleeping disorder has its own unique answer to this question. It is essential to understand sleep to fully appreciate it. However, many aspects of it remain a mystery. We do have some degree of understanding of sleep. Within our sleep cycle a type of unusual sleep occurs, REM sleep. During this cycle the periods of…show more content…
The regulation of body temperature is lost and the blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rates shows increased variability. REM sleep can be detected by measuring the electrical activity of the brain with an electroencephalogram. At this point, the EEG will show the same pattern of activity as when the brain is awake. It is fascinating that at this point, REM sleep, where dreaming is frequent, the body shuts itself down. If, as suggested in class, the I-function is active at this stage, it is interesting that all body movement is inhibited. During other stages in which there are synchronized EEGs, and the I-function is not supposed to be present, the body does not inhibit all motor activity. This seems to imply that when the I-function is present it will control the body as it sees fit. One of the more ubiquitous parasomnias is sleep talking or somniloquy. This disorder is characterized by often nonsensical or difficult to understand verbal vocalizations during sleep. The person may carry on conversations and seem to speak as if they are awake. This is not constrained to a specific stage of sleep; it is present in REM and NREM. Regardless of the stage of sleep, this is an extremely common disorder allows talking. Frequently we talk during the day, utilize our I-function when talking and remember what was talked about. This is not the case with somniloquy. Sleepwalking, known as somnambulism, is a very interesting disorder. The symptoms of this disorder,
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