Sleep Is Essential For Human Health

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Every living organism needs to rest, starting from the animal kingdom to humans. All of them need to sleep as a need for food, it is a necessity for life. Sleep is important and necessary for human health and its ability to engage in intellectual activity and mental fitness. Everyone needs to sleep, one of the basics of life. Humans spend almost half of lifetime sleeping and then have to know how to keep the body in a good sleeping time. Many of the physical problems can interfere with the ability to fall or stay asleep. Sleep is important; because it helps human to boost’s memory, being active, reduce the chronic inflammations, and mean the weight. Although, there are many disorders that may interfere with person’s sleep. Sleep gives the body the necessary energy to continue the next day and gives the brain a chance to organize information and other related matters. Researches still do not know precisely what processes the brain conducts during sleep. Although, preliminary information indicates that the sleep period is the period in which the brain organizes the information gained during vigilance and consumes chemicals. While the body is resting, human’s brain gets busy processing the activity has done during the day. Furthermore, making some connections between events, feelings, experiences, and memories. Sleeping time is the most important time for human’s brain to shape memories and make the connections, which can make it easier for humans to retrieve those memories In

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