Sleep Is The Body 's Way Of Cleansing

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Sleep is essential; every living things needs sleep. Sleep is the body 's way of cleansing itself; without it our bodies could not function. Sleep has multiple health benefits effecting every aspect of our lives; sleep is so essential for the body that humans spend 1/3 of their lives asleep. Humans have been fascinated with sleep throughout history; several early scientist like Aristotle in 350 CE who formed a hypothesis that sleep was a form of physical renewal (Borel, 2014). Humans know little about sleep and see it as a inconvenience, we take sleep for granted and the repercussion of not getting enough sleep is not healthy. Sleep deprivation impacts ones overall health by contributing to multiple primary biological functions. Every…show more content…
During the light sleep stage the eyes stop moving completely and the heart rate and breathing rate decrease causing body temperatures to drop. During this stage the brain starts sending out k-complexes, which help by blocking out outside noises and are essential to entering the next stage (Borel, 2014). During deep sleep the brain produces oscillating electrical signals, these help the bodies muscles relax causing blood pressure to drop (Stickgold, 2015). Deep sleep is the stage in which the body goes through the most physical restorative phrase (Borel, 2014). During deep sleep tissue growth and repairing occurs, and the brain release growth hormones that helps develop muscles (Whats Happens, 2015). During deep sleep the body is in its most vulnerable state while the brain retains memories from throughout the day. Without sleep our brains could not process information and clear space for new memories (Stanley, 2015). The changes in the brain as it ages are associated with decrease in deep sleep, this creates a problem for the brain because it becomes harder to retain memory (Borel, 2014). Sleep is essential to many of the bodies biological functions, Dr. James Maas says the "knowledge about sleep, just like knowledge about nutrition and exercise, is essential to your life, for happiness, productivity, and general health" ( Maas, James). They 're multiple health benefits that the body endure while asleep that are essential
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