Sleep Is The Unsung Hero Of Our Lives

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Sleep is the unsung hero of our lives. We simply cannot function without it. We make it extremely difficult on ourselves when we decide to play on our electronic devices rather than sleep. The blue light emitted from the device tricks our brains into thinking its daytime making it harder to fall asleep. Lack of sleep decreases your ability to learn, focus, have a positive attitude and it puts you at risk for diseases such as depression and A.D.D. The problem presented was that if electronics are used for an hour before bed will it affect your sleep patterns. The hypothesis was if electronics are used for an hour before bed then the person’s sleep pattern will change because the blue light emitted from an electronic device alters the amount of melatonin in your body which allows your body to know when to fall asleep. The hypothesis was correct. Those who didn’t use electronics an hour before bed got at least one more hour of sleep than those who did.

Introduction In our lives we come in contact with all different types of stress. Teens have homework, sports and friends to keep them busy while adults have their jobs, bills and many other stressors. What if you could reduce some of that stress? One of the best ways to help cease the stress is sleep. Our body needs sleep to function. Without it we cannot focus in class, we do our work responsibilities sloppily and we…
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