Sleep Loss Or Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep Loss Sleep loss, or sleep deprivation, is very common throughout the world. It is very important to make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each night for you to be ready to get up and go. It has been said that teenagers need an average of nine hours and fifteen minutes of sleep, according to my psychology teacher. It is very dangerous to go without sleep, hallucinations can and sometimes will occur. It is always easy to tell when a person is not getting enough sleep. They have bags under their eyes, major mood swings, and even how they act and/or dress. However, sleep loss can cause a number of things inside your body such as: loss of melatonin, long term effects on your brain, and can also shoot your anxiety outrageously. Melatonin is what keeps you going, what makes you active. Whenever you do not get enough sleep, melatonin stops being produced. As a result, your brain works harder to keep you awake and energetic like you are when you get enough sleep. According to reduced serum levels have been linked to an endless list of illnesses including, cancers, memory loss, dementia, and many more. Men and Women who are not getting enough sleep need to understand that this is real, and it is even life-threatening. That does not mean that if you sleep enough every night you will never get sick, it means not getting enough sleep increases your chances of getting a disease that I have mentioned before. Sleep loss not only effects the amount of
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