Sleep On A Plane Business Travel Life

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Between crying babies, uncomfortable seats and the inability to lay down, sleeping on an airplane can be challenging. Whether you have a late night flight home or a red-eye to see a client, there is nothing more frustrating than feeling tired and not being able to get comfortable enough to sleep. The good news is that you can increase your chances of falling asleep during your next flight by planning ahead, packing some in-flight sleep essentials, setting up your seat area for sleep, and finding the best sleeping position for yourself. how to sleep on a plane business travel life 1 There are some items you can pack with you to improve your chances of sleeping during your flights: Noise canceling headphones- Not only will you not have to listen to lady in front of you complain about her cruise, you can choose to listen to whatever you want that will help you fall asleep. Ear plugs- If you do not have noise canceling headphones, ear plugs are the next best option. In my opinion, you should always travel with earplugs, even if you have noise canceling headphones. What if your battery dies for your noise canceling headphones? Blanket- You may or may not be able to snag a blanket on the plane but unless you in business class on a long haul flight, you are going to get a thin, crappy piece of fabric. BYOBlanket for a more cozy sleeping experience. Music Player (or a playlist downloaded to your phone/tablet)- Find music that is calming and relaxing. If there is something you
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