Sleep Paralysis And Its Effects

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Imagine yourself experiencing an emotionally, physically, and mentally draining day- you’re running back and forth from school to the bank, quickly grabbing some fast food to scarf down before work, completing a six hour shift, getting home late at night, studying till 2 am, and finally being able to rest in your bed. Now, instead of being able to fully unwind from an incredibly exhausting and productive day, you go to sleep and find yourself in one of the most terrifying situations you’ll ever experience. Not only are you incapable of moving, but you are definitely not alone. You feel as though you’ve lost all mobility in your muscles, your lungs can barely circulate oxygen throughout your body well enough, and you’ve spontaneously become mute. In the midst of all this hysteria, you notice a figure breathing down on your chest as he’s staring into your soul? Sound familiar? Well, it is for me, and it’s commonly known as Sleep Paralysis. This can be an extremely unsettling experience for many individuals, especially those who’ve been able to distinguish who the mysterious figure is, in most cases, Slender Man. There are several factors that play in Sleep Paralysis that make the occurrence so terrifying for countless individuals. Today, I will be sharing with you the horrific factors playing in Sleep Paralysis by introducing and explaining the history of it, the feelings of vulnerability for the victim, and one of the most commonly witnessed characters in modern day Sleep…
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