Sleep Paralysis Research Papers

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Throughout our lives many people hear the stories of others experiences of waking up in the precense of a exter terstrial or even in the act of a alien abduction. One fitth of college stuedtns in one survey presented the belief that etra tersetrials can visit us in our dreans and nearlt 10 percent claimed they hve experienced this phenomenon. This is commonly shared story has been learned to be a count of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a experience in which the said individual becomes unable to move directly after falling asleep or even immefitaly upon awakinging. Data shows that one third to one half of college students have experienced atleast one episode of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is caused by a disruption in the sleep cycle. Which is commonly associated with anxiety, terror, feelings of vibrations, humming noises, and a sense of meanacing figures close to or ontop of the individual.…show more content…
With the concerning matter of sleep peralisys some have turned to the belief that hypnosis is to be a trustworthy factor. On the contuary hynossis is not a trustworthy mean of displaying accurate memories because hypnosis can often create false memories. Consciousness also plays a large rule in our subjective experience of ourselves and the every cahgning world. On average we spend nearly thirty percent of our waking hours, mind wandering, and fantasizing. INitally we spend as much as one third or more of our lives in one specific state of consciousness in the sense of sleep. Thus sleep plays a critical role in storing memories and remembering emortional information. Over the years we have learned that sleep is critical for the function of our immune system, planning, reasoning, and functioning to the best of our
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