Sleep Paralysis : Symptoms And Effects

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Sleep Paraylsis
Henderson Cunningham III
Pearl River Community College

Sleep Paraylsis
Sleep Paralysis. Sleep Paralysis is a moment when a person is falling asleep or awakening and their body cannot make a single reaction as in moving or speaking. It can be a terribly scary situation for any individual when this occurs, but despite former beliefs, the feeling of paralysis is not caused by supernatural beings. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by muscle weakness. One hypothesis says it is a result from disrupted REM sleep, which normally induces complete muscle weakness to prevent sleepers from acting out their dreams. Sleep Paralysis has been linked to disorders such as migraines, anxiety disorders, and also can occur in isolation.

Sleep Paralysis and The Effect it has on One’s body
Sleep Paraylsis It was late at night and I was a teenager, because I had school in the morning. I was sound asleep when I suddenly woke up to find out that I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak. I was faced towards the alarm and the T.V. was on behind me. I tried to speak out loud so someone could help me but I was unable to say a word. I could only see the flashes from the T.V. from the light constantly. I tried really hard at moving which caused me to hear vibrations and feel like my body was shaking. That was the first time I had experienced Sleep Paralysis. It was a terrifying experience that later became a frequent…
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