Sleep : Sleep Improvement Program

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Klarissa Nohar Sleep Improvement Essay Recitation TA: Monica The sleep improvement program consisst of two sleep ohs pre- and post-Epworth scale, and a pre- and post-Munich Chronotype Questionnaire; in-order to measure and keep track of not only our sleep but our quality as well. Not only does it measure our sleep but its effectiveness as well by comparing our sleep before we used the techniques given to us in class. Analyzing my sleep prior to and post to implementing the changes and suggestions given to us in class to improve our sleep or maintain and healthy sleep cycle, my sleep didn 't improve greatly due to the world load I had. However I did try to keep my sleep constant sleep and wake time; and I did this by using the…show more content…
After reviewing my sleep not only from the first sleep log but from the time since then I saw I needed to improve my sleep, even taught it will be a challenge because I will have to decide between saying up and doing work or going to sleep and both are important, but since I thought my sleep sort of problem I decide to try to alter even a little. So this was and still is important for me, I decide that I will leave a note on my laptop reminding me thus preventing me from procreating s much as I would have before, as well as having my boyfriend enforce this; I felt having someone remind me of my goal and make me think of the consequence and benefits and this did prove helpful, but it was still challenging to pick between sacrificing work for sleep. Other steps I took to assure that I will stick to my plan was, installing flux to my lap top, turning on night shift, setting one or two alarm in the morning without snooze, eliminating the light that comes through my window. Mostly importantly reminding myself that at one point i had reached a time where I would consistently go to bed in the morning when the sun would rise and it did become difficult to get back to a normal sleeping pattern and I don 't want to experience those stressful nights of staying in
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