Sleep Smart

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The case study reviewed in this analysis refers to SleepSmart, a retail company distributing bed and bedding products to consumers. The company itself suffers from an ongoing lack of focus from a technology standpoint; readers are introduced to the study from the perspective of Greg Danson, the chief information officer of SleepSmart and Stan Bailey, the chief architect (ultimately the responsible mind behind the SleepSmart Strategic Technology Alliance). A crucial element of the case study emphasizes the alignment of information technology with long term goals of the business to ensure confidence with both investors and consumers alike. This report will concern itself with planning around the scenario and the likely outcomes of such…show more content…
Unfortunately this long standing notion amongst the board that IT appears to be more of a waste of time and resources than an opportunity for change and capitalization of strengths across the business is a major issue when switching from a bottom line to top line approach. Co-operation between the IT strategy and the business strategy is a fundamental step towards aligning the business for top-line growth. As such the relationship between the architect and senior management must be open and unbiased for the best results to be yielded.
The SSTA has a glaring flaw in that vendors involved with this venture happen to be rivals. Whilst this incites innovation and may have been a great incentive during the business' focus on the bottom line figures, competition is inevitable. Another can of worms has been inherently opened through the collaboration of these vendors by making them aware of each other's presence during the venture. This can cause a rift when attempting to negotiate future deals as vendors start to side with each other during long term decision making. To prevent this issue a thorough analysis of each vendors offer must be taken and contrasted against each other. Agreeing to have one vendor handle SleepSmart's technological infrastructure for the next few years is
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