Sleep Ware Research Paper

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I am going to talk about sleep ware. Do you like sleep wear? I like sleep wear it is comfy, it is good ford if you are running late on Monday, it help you focuses. First, I well talk about how they are comfy. The can be comfy because they help us focuses. They can be flees. Flees is comfy and it is worm. Some look like as closes not sleep wear. Second, sleep ware is good for if you are running late on Monday. If you wear your sleep wear if you are run late on Monday. You can get to school on time. You do not have to get drees in the morning. You well have want you want to wear on. Next, I am going to talk you about how it help us focuses. If you are comfy you well focuses. You well get more work done if you are comfy. You well focuses
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