Sleeping Beauty And Pick Out The Main Characters

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When we think about Sleeping Beauty it is not difficult to visualize a dainty delicate girl being rescued by a heroic and dashing man. These images are things that little girls are taught to fawn and fantasize about. Is this good or bad? Well, when pondering the princess as a whole one might believe her sweet and gentle nature is a strength in her case, but that all depends on who you ask. In the perspective of another person these attributes can be considered significant weaknesses. Contrary to popular belief that there are no feminist powers at work throughout, or that the film along with other adaptations have nothing valuable for empowered women, here is where that myth will be debunked.
When looking at the Disney adaptation of
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Aurora herself is an innocent child at the beginning of the tale and by the end of it only her physical body has matured, she herself has stayed the same. To be fair she was defenseless and asleep throughout the bulk of the story, which does not earn sleeping beauty any points for team feminist however for the time she was awake no significant change of heart of mind occurred for her. The prince was involved in the tale a fair amount however; he was strong willed yet gentle from the start of story. His intent never changed although what can be said is the way her shows his love does evolve as things get more difficult for them. By the end of the tale he puts himself in the way of harm to save her making quite a bold move on her behalf so there is some sort of growth of form the beginning to the end. Character development is vital to look at especially across the different variations of the original tale. (insert strong quote backing up my point about maleficent somewhere here)
In another version of Sleeping Beauty called Sleeping Beauty in the Wood there is also a similar feminine power present as well, not in the presents of good but in the presents of evil. In this story the evil fairy is the main enemy of Sleeping Beauty and yet again Sleeping beauty is merely a pawn in the story. In analyzing the feminism in the stories it would also be wise to look at a fairy tale that reflects
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