Sleeping During a Class

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The Importance of Staying Awake

Sleeping during LTC Kan’s class, the mistake I made. Not only was I told by Mr. Macaulay, Staff Sergeant Avalos, Master Sergeant and SSG Campbell to wake up and take pictures but I failed to help Koo & Park stay awake. It is important to stay awake for many reasons. One being the fact that the person giving the class deserves your undivided attention. Despite the fact that it was LTC; regardless of rank they should be given the proper respect and courtesies as an instructor that’s giving a class. That is trying to help me professionally to do my job as a paralegal for an attorney in the future. It boils down to doing the right thing and treat others how you would like to be treated. If I was to be
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What better way than to lesson early on in my career be aware of my deficiency and correct myself. When I become a NCO and one of my privates commits the same mistake I will think back to my experience and teach them about why it is important to stay awake and have them learn just as I am right now. So in essence this will help me become a better leader and have the ability to understand my soldiers and take the appropriate actions when they do wrong. Being a member of JAG I know that we are held to higher standard than most other MOS’s and other Joes. JAG wants the best out their soldiers in all aspects and all times. From the little things to the big ones. I am truly sorry for what I did and by writing this essay I have learned new techniques to stay awake. It has also made me take a look inside for intestinal fortitude about doing the right thing when nobody’s watching or when a whole class could be watching. It has made think about occasions where falling asleep could result in much more sever consequences that I wouldn’t want to end up
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