Sleeping In High Schools

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Question: How can sleeping patterns be more effectively used to increase energy in high school students? Intro: Let’s start by talking about zombies. What classifies a zombie? Zombies are usually defined as the living dead; “deceased” organisms that come back to life and are often propelled to eat human flesh by some sort of virus or disease. They are typically seen as slow and stupid; no thinking just doing with little to no energy; never sleeping. All of these traits that can be seen in zombies can also be seen in high school students. High schoolers go through the same daily routine, wake up early, go to 1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, and so on and so forth until they get home where their homework continues to add to their stress and fatigue. Students complete their homework,…show more content…
According to the National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a consistent 9-10 hours of sleep a day is required in teenagers and adolescents to avoid health problems that come as a result of sleep deprivation. However, research collected by The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America Poll found that by the 12th grade, 75 percent of students self-reported sleep durations of less than 8 hours of sleep per night. Furthermore, although 30% to 41% of sixth through eighth graders were getting 9 or more hours of sleep, only 3% of 12th graders reported doing so. With this major gap in sleep needed and sleep acquired, students experience effects of sleep deprivation. Good sleep should be a priority for everyone as it takes up approximately 33 percent of our life, and by improving sleeping patterns students could experience a decrease in drowsiness and an increase in performance. In order to achieve this Schools should make sleep education a main focus and provide the right resources to improve the energy and mood of their students through proper sleeping
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