Sleepwalking Leg Syndrome

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Sleep problems can range from mild to severe and can be as diverse as walking in your sleep to coping with restless leg syndrome. It is thought that more than 10 million people suffer from RLS and over 8.5 million have dealt with walking in their sleep. I am part of both of those statistics. I will first talk about my experience as a whole with sleepwalking and then restless leg syndrome. I never thought of sleepwalking as a problem or sleep disorder even tho I did it myself as a child. On one of my sleepwalking excursions I apparently walked out of my room, through the living room, down 4 or 5 stairs (with no problem going down or back up), and over to my dad who was still awake watching television while lying on the couch. That all seemed normal…show more content…
I have not had a sleepwalking episode since I was 19 years old which would concur with what we now know in that the older we get, our deep NREM-3 sleep becomes less and therefore so does the sleepwalking. As with sleepwalking I did not know restless leg syndrome was a sleep problem or disorder. Also as with sleepwalking I started having RLS symptoms when I was a child. I did not know it was a thing because I was so young when I first had the symptoms and I don’t recall even telling my parents there was a problem.It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my fourth child that I remember it happening again with any kind of regularity. But after this go around of feeling the same painful irritating symptoms in my legs I was able to look it up on the internet and voila! Restless leg syndrome.
I am glad to know what it is but as with sleepwalking there isn’t a so called cure, only things you could do to manage the symptoms. There isn’t even actually a test to be taken to determine if you have RLS, only certain criteria to be met.It is an annoying hurtful sensation
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