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Company Profile What is SLENDERTONE Electronic Muscle stimulation( EMS) was developed for medical use. A common application of EMS is the rehabilitation of muscle after accident or stroke. The effect of EMS is similar to regular exercise of muscles. Slendertone was developed to enable healthy users to “exercise” muscles without having to do any exercise. By remaining seated, lying down or even minor cores, users could get a benefit of a rigorous workout. Brief history: Slendertone originally was developed by a company called BMR in 1968. The company moved from England to the tax-free zone in Shannon in that year. Kevin McDonnell who supplied the BMR with printed circuit boards for four years was a creditor of BMR, and he wanted to…show more content…
Every product undergoes the same rigorous research and development process, so when people choose Slendertone product, they can be confident that it has been developed and manufactured to the highest standards and has proven to be safe and effective in repeated clinical trials. Team of scientists and R&D experts work closely with both local and International Universities to conduct sophisticated clinical trails. It includes the University of Wisconsin, the University of Limerick, Loughborough University, the University of Ulster, Jordanstown and University College Dublin. The team of researchers and developers has expertise in exercise science, electronics, mechanical engineering and embedded software. Working closely with local and international universities in sophisticated R&D programs, BMR has brought many patented products to market. Employees: McDonnell started his production just with 5 employees. Slendertone is made in Bunbeg in Co Donegal where 150 people were employed. Another 60 people work at BMR 's head office and research and development operation in Galway. The company also employs 80 people in Germany, 60 in the US and 25 in the UK. BMR is growing rapidly and plans to increase employment to around 420. Major investors: McDonnell bought out Slendertone in 1991 when the company went into liquidation. So the major investments are all made by McDonnell to rescue the nearly obsolete company and transform the company

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