Slendertone Essay

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Executive Summary
Kevin McDonnell, owner of BioMedical Research Ltd. (BMR) believed when he purchased the company that one of the product lines, Slendertone, could become a £100 million a year business by the year 2002. His strong belief in new product development as the “key to future growth,” led him in the journey to build a business based on this philosophy. Realizing that this ambitious goal would take more than product development and would also require a strong marketing plan, McDonnell placed faith in Brian O’Donohoe to build the marketing strategy that could cast Slendertone as a world-class brand. No doubt, BMR faced some challenges – identifying target markets, creating distribution channels, handling customer perception, as
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Slendertone itself served different segments of the cosmetic market, professional users, beauty salons, and home users. The home units differed substantially from the professional counterparts. They had very limited features and sold for a greatly reduced price . In 1990, BMR underwent difficulties and was purchased by Kevin McDonnell. McDonnell then immediately relocated the company to Bunbeg, Ireland and began production anew with just five employees. In less than ten years, under his leadership, the company had grown to employ over 220 employees in Ireland and around the world. Also in this time, sales of Slendertone products grew from £900,000 to £17,000,000. McDonnell felt that innovation was the key to his company’s success so he reinvested all earnings back into it. He procured newer and better production facilities and invested the remaining funds into research and development. All this was done with his belief and commitment to the Slendertone brand.

Company Objectives
The ultimate goal for Mr. Kevin McDonnell was for Slendertone to be a world class brand. It was a long term goal for the company and the current progress made by the company in both sales and awards had placed the company in the direction to achieve its goal.
The second objective of the company was to get away from the gadget image associated with Slendertone. This would add
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