Slick Martin and Jim Lawbreaker Case Study

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Section II The document presents a scenario regarding two ostensible perpetrators named Slick Martin and Jim Lawbreaker. It appears that Marin entered a local grocery store, demanded cash from the clerk, and then fled in a car driven by Lawbreaker. Employees gave descriptions, fingerprints were taken, and photos of the tread print of the tire were taken by officers. Four hours after the robbery, police matched the automobile description of the car and arrested Lawbreaker due to an outstanding warrant. Police Mirandize Lawbreaker after finding a gun in the car. Lawbreaker admits he and Martin committed the robbery. A few weeks later, Martin is arrested, tells police he knows nothing and requests a lawyer. Police swab his inner cheek to obtain a DNA sample and show his photo to one of the witnesses. Joe Justice is the County Prosecutor, reviews the evidence, and receives a call from Lawbreaker's attorney, noting that Lawbreaker will plead guilty to a reduced charge of one count of robbery and agree to testify against Martin. Section III-B 1. Joe Justice could actually charge both Lawbreaker and Martin with armed robbery, should he be inclined. Aggravated robbery would be more appropriate for Martin. 2nd degree robbery or aiding and abetting a crime are options. Depending on the state this occurred, Justice could opt for the least robbery offense possible, talk with the Judge at sentencing and, in consideration of Lawbreaker testifying against Martin, ask for a reduced

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