Slideshow Alley : Event Management Plan

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Slideshow Alley – Event Management Plan Introduction: The event is called “Slideshow Alley”. This is because the year 12 students will organise an event that is quite similar to “The Show” that is being held in different towns around Australia every year. Slideshow Alley is an Australian term for cluster of attractions which comprise a variety of games and booths (insert citation). For this event to be successful, planning and organising must be done. This assessment item will provide the necessary documented behind-the-scene works. Event Planning This part of the assignment refers to the planning, preparation, monitoring and management of the event. Event Name Slideshow Alley Background As part of the BCT course, year 12 students are…show more content…
• The following are the stakeholders of this particular event: • Andrea Rinehart – as this event will affect tuckshop sales • Mr Maher – authorisation • Mr Barker – authorisation and supervision • Mrs Elliott – possibly affect Coffee Shack sales (if held on a Thursday) • Social Committee – attendance of students might be affected • Teachers – supervise the students on both breaks Attendees People:  Males  Females  Singles  Families  Couples  N/A Age group(s): Under 18  18-24 years  25-39 years  40-54 years  55+  N/A Other audience information: This event would not be marketed to the general public. Why? The potential attendees are the following: • Students of MSHS • Teachers • Staff They are the potential attendees as it was determined that they have an interest in the chosen area of the event. They will be entertained and leave with a positive message and inspiration to then organise an event in the following years similar to this for the benefit of students and the entire school community. Their attendance will impact the success of the event and will serve as a basis whether the event should be carried on by the next group of students. Event Organisation This talks about the actual organisation of the event, key decision-making and organising activities. Timing The lead time required to produce the event is roughly 2 months. In this way, organisers of the event (year 12

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