Slip And Fall Accidents Happen

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Slip and fall accidents happen to numerous people each year. Many times it can be difficult to prove who is at fault. When determining liability, property owners owe a duty to persons who use their premises. They are expected to keep the grounds in a reasonably safe condition. In some slip and fall cases, the property owner is liable for the party’s injuries, while in others, the property owner is not held liable. This conflict is prevalent in the Campbell case. In this case, Reba Campbell suffered injuries after she slipped and fell on a black and greenish area of sidewalk adjacent to the Evangeline Parish Medicaid Office. Ms. Campbell and her husband filed suit against the Evangeline Parish Police Jury, as owners of the Medicaid Office building, and the State of Louisiana, Department of Health and Hospitals, as lessee of the building. The state interjected a cross-claim against the Police Jury which called into question their liability as lease owners. The state believed that the Police Jury should be held liable because they owned the property the hospital was on. However, the Police Jury stated that the state was to assume responsibility for the sidewalks due to the actions of its employees. The plaintiffs sought a declaratory judgment to have the court declare rights, status, and other legal relations whether or not further relief is or could be claimed. The trial court held the state liable because they failed to put the Police Jury on notice of the problems with the
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