Slot Sharing Model For Campus Placements

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Slot-Sharing model for Campus Placements in Professional Institutions-A Case study Abstract The number of professional institutions has grown manifold in the past decade. Though the academic process, the faculty qualification, the infrastructure are some of the components that decide the quality of the institution, it is ultimately the Campus recruitment, a crucial factor that builds the brand and reputation of professional institutions across India. The brand of the recruiter and the pay offered by them are two important factors that influence the rating of the institution above all the academic factors. In the recruiters end the first major intention of any recruiter would be to recruit the best performing student in the class. This is…show more content…
The companies work in all directions to solve their manpower requirements and growing attrition rates, but they are able to utilize only a limited section of the talent available in the country. Campus recruitment is one proven method by which the industries get fresh talent. On the other the Professional institutions are facing a major challenge in attracting the companies to visit their campus and also to ensure that they equip the students with the necessary skills to acquire an offer from the companies. The first job is very crucial in a student’s career growth. Students do not look for the compensation and position but also the role offered, the reputation of the industry and significantly the opportunity to learn and grow decide their choice of the company. Having all this issues, one crucial decision any professional institution needs to make is the allocation of the first day of the campus interview to the company. The traditional practice of allocating one recruiter with first day is a major disadvantage for all the stakeholders in a campus recruitment drive. 2. The Conventional model Campus recruitment is a process where the organizations visit the professional institutions to hire fresh talents. The major stake holders in a campus recruitment drive are
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