Slowly I Awoke From A Deep Sleep To The Sweet Smell Of

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Slowly I awoke from a deep sleep to the sweet smell of buttermilk pancakes, crispy bacon, and fluffy scrambled eggs being cooked to perfection. After fighting the urge to roll over and go back to sleep, I made my way out of the soft, inviting hotel bed and into the cramped kitchen. As I glanced around, I found my parents making breakfast, and my brothers devouring down the delicious food placed before them as fast as humanly possible. I quickly made myself a plate to ensure that my brothers could not consume it all, and then realized that I needed syrup to make the meal complete. Opening the dark black refrigerator door, I grabbed the half empty bottle of maple syrup and poured a large portion of it over my plate, covering every single…show more content…
I ran my feet across the damp surface of the sand, making small impressions as I went, and then watched as they each slowly disappeared. Salty ocean water mist sprayed me from the front and I had to restrain myself from charging into the inviting, cold water only two feet in front of me. Looking out across the water, I could see surfers attempting to ride the gigantic waves breaking in the distance, where the water was deep.

While still sitting in the warm, soft sand, I reflected back on the ample amount of research I had completed only a few weeks earlier, on popular activities to do in Hawaii. One activity in particular, brought up in the search, had caught my attention. It was the art of sandcastle building. When building a sandcastle, I learned that the sky is the limit because there are a variety of different techniques and strategies that can be used. During the last couple of days before leaving, I spent all my time on the computer researching all of the necessary steps, small details, and beneficial tips needed to build a successful sandcastle. I had watched video after video and read article after article on how to build the ultimate sandcastle and began to develop a plan that I could put into action when we finally were on our vacation. As I came out of my daydream, excitement built up inside me as I looked across the horizon, at the wavy, ocean water again. I realized that the tide was low, which meant that it was the perfect
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