Sluggers Come Home

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With the development of society, more and more people are aware of the importance of negotiation. Progressively choosing a negotiation strategy may generate more advantageous bargaining outcomes. Many important negotiation strategies are involved in the video “sluggers come home” and here we explain which negotiation strategy has been adopted in the different situations of this case. In the preparation stage of this case, Brabara makes an offer and she intends to rent the baseball playground. When Billy, Teddy and Kally get this offer, Teddy suggests them that they should lease this baseball playground because there is always a financial loss for the baseball playground, which is an alternative strategy. The power of the alternative…show more content…
Chances are that both parties may cool down and analyze the problems objectively. In this case, Teddy’s party adopts this negotiation strategy and give Brabara time to think of the possibility about the slugger’s coming home. On the other hand, both parties may introduce the particular situations and not all problems should be involved. If self party has some trouble in some field, they should focus on introducing this current problem and ensure other party to know themselves problems as well as the planning to resolve the problems. Teddy meets the problems of the financial loss and Brabara also knows that their problems. There is a huge potentiality to bring a great deal of benefit for both parties, if the best slugger comes home. In fact, it is possible that the best slugger in Morten Hills may come back home and many baseball fans are expected for that. In this situation, both of parties have a common goal and self party has positive attitude. Even though there is a risk for Brabara, there is a huge benefit for her and she prefers accepting the risk. As long as both parties may try their best to cooperate, they may overcome any problems and benefit themselves. Brabara agree to increase the rent fees for the risky reasons. In the settlement of the case, Brabara agrees to increase the rent fees and makes a contract regarding the baseball playground
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