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Which of the following most accurately describes your company 's plant operations? | | | The company makes most all of its footwear materials and components in-house and uses 25-person assembly lines to make branded shoes at the rate of 5000 pairs per week. | | | Branded production is done during regular time and private-label footwear is produced only during overtime. | | | All footwear production teams must go through 40 hours of best practices training annually. | | | Standard and superior materials are sourced from outside suppliers at prices that vary according to global demand-supply conditions; the company 's production workers are compensated on the basis of both base pay and incentive payments per pair…show more content…
| | | how big the incentive payment per non-defective pair is; whether shoes are produced with 100% standard materials or 100% superior materials, the durability and of its footwear; and how many models/styles are included in its product line. | | | the prices paid for standard and superior materials; overall footwear quality; how many hours of best practices training that workers have been through; and percentage increases in annual base pay. | Which of the following best describes the materials the company uses to make its footwear? | | | Standard and superior materials | | | Normal-wear and long-wear materials | | | Natural and man-made fibers, durable rubber, waterproof fabrics, synthetic fiber shoelaces, and high-strength threads | | | Synthetic fibers, waterproof polyesters, microfibers, rubber, and metal eyelets | | | Waterproof fabrics, rubber, cotton shoelaces, and fiberglass thread | Which one of the following is not a factor in determining a company 's unit sales and market share of branded footwear in a particular geographic region? | | | The number of new performance features built into each year 's models/styles | | | The appeal of the celebrities signed to endorse the company 's footwear | | | The number of models/styles in the company 's product line | | | Mail-in rebate offers | | | The number of retailers stocking
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