Smacking Children: Is it Effective? Essay

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As children grow up, they should learn to have control over their behavior. Parents play a crucial role for helping their children doing so. In order for a child to be self-disciplined, it is essential that at a younger age limits and reasons for these limits are set by parents. It is significant that parents know which way to use, and how to help their children. It is true that children need to have boundaries, but, trying to set them through the use of smacking is not a solution. According to Phillips and Alderson refers to, “lawful parental violence against children, from the ‘tap’ to the ‘belt’ and beyond” (1). Smacking as a way of having control over the children has no long term positive effects, even though, some would argue that it …show more content…
Whiting emphasizes that, “the use of smacking, within the context of a loving relationship, is an effective means of discipline” (3). If a parent chooses to use smacking as a way of making children behave properly and be disciplined is because he/she believes that this is the best way they can achieve their goals.

Even though, many parents see smacking as a way of disciplining children, smacking has nothing to do with discipline. The use of smacking is an ineffective way of disciplining a child. It is significant to mention that smacking has to do nothing with child rearing even though, often people misunderstand it. Many times parents use smacking as a way to punish their children for any “wrong” behavior they do. Hodgkin demonstrates that, “child development research shows that smacking is not a good way to teach children the right sort of behavior” (3). It is important to understand that the use of smacking has to do nothing with teaching a child proper behavior neither with the ways you raise your child. Children are small creatures to be hit and parents should try to find another better ways to discipline them. Hodgkin illustrates that, “smacking is not an essential for child-rearing or the disciplining of children” (2). Little children are too young to understand why their behavior is wrong, and they are not able to relate a smack to their supposed crime. However, it is up to parents to decide whether they smack their children or not.