Small And Family Business Interviews. Pb. Patten University.

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Small and Family Business Interviews
Patten University

Small and Family Business Interviews
Businesses operating as family holdings or small businesses have various common practices considered effective towards organizational performance. While small businesses may at times be viewed by outsiders to be easy to run, they subject the owners and managers to the same kind of business stresses that large businesses present. This makes it imperative to apply various basic principles of management, marketing and conflict resolution strategies that are also applicable in large businesses. Through interviews, some information was collected on running various types of small businesses in order to determine the
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The interviews were conducted on different days, and the businesses were chosen randomly. The objective was to research on businesses in different industries as this would enable the findings to be more applicable in a general small business context rather than being industry specific.
Summary of Businesses To gain the required information, a structured interview process was adopted. The interview questions were 15 and were focused on knowing more about the management, marketing, conflict management and ethics aspects of business operations. For instance, one of the questions was directed towards understanding how the business owners solved conflicts when they arise between the business owners or between the manager and the employees. This was asked depending on the business context. For the sole proprietors, they answered with regards to conflicts between the owners and the employees.
The barbershop business is run by a young man in his early twenties. From the conversation with the shop owner, it is clear that he is the sole owner of the business and also runs it as the manager. There are three employees with whom he works and he attempts to ensure that they are well motivated at all time. According to the business owner, the industry is highly competitive and failure to motivate employees can result in high employee turnover. This comes with many challenges since as a young individual, he does not have much savings

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