Small And Medium Sized Enterprise Electronic Commerce Strategy

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, small and medium-sized enterprise electronic commerce strategy
Small and medium-sized enterprise organization structure is simple, less management level, is advantageous for the adjustment and management and not be restricted by the inherent corporate culture, to quickly carry out new marketing concept, to make it easier to strengthen the internal and external coordination ability, and can make decisions quickly in a short time, flexible to deal with the problem. Than large enterprises operating flexibility, strong adaptability to market competitive advantage, and easier to operate on the business model reform. On the small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce business strategy must be analyzed from the following aspects:
4.1 the necessary conditions for small and medium-sized enterprise electronic commerce
4.4.1 clear operating categories and corporate positioning
Enterprises to achieve successful operations, must first clear corporate positioning, operations category (including product market, size, and geographical coverage, the degree of vertical integration, etc.), profit plan. Early in reality, many enterprises are in a simple and there is no clear operation mode under the creative idea of started running, at the beginning of the industrial market development may be able to obtain certain result, but as the industry mature, have the same conditions and using the same way the operation of the enterprise is becoming more and more enterprises began to lose…
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