Small Animal Science

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Small Animal Science
By: Savannah Stephens

Small animal science is an intermediate course in animal science and helps students that is interested in learning more about becoming a veterinarian, vet tech, vet assistant, or pursuing a variety of scientific, health, or agriculture professions. By using basic research it will help you to understand the biological and chemical processes of how crops and livestock grow. Animal scientists analyze data and make use of statistical techniques, and computer skills are also useful for the job. To research the knowledge it will help gain ways to improve the quality, quantity, and safety of the agricultural products. To be a small animal scientist you will have to deal with dogs, cats, rats and
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There is other classes you can take for Agriscience, Large Animal Science, and Veterinary Science. At Tennessee Tech there are classes that deals with all phases of the livestock, poultry, and dairy industries. Areas emphasized are nutrition, physiology, genetics, management technology, quality control, and environmental regulations. Most colleges have courses that include animal nutrition, food technology, veterinary medicine, animal welfare, anatomy and animal breeding. At Walters State there is a program called Animal Science / Pre-Veterinary Medicine that is designed for students desiring a degree in Animal Science prior to entering a college of veterinary medicine or those students with a Veterinary Medicine degree who also desire a degree in Animal Science. At the University of Tennessee you can take a 4-year program for small animal science that will help you become a better animal vet. Every state has at least one land-grant college that offers agricultural science degrees. Many colleges and universities also offer agricultural science degrees or related courses. Degrees in related sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, or in a related engineering specialty also may qualify people for many agricultural science jobs. Different universities, colleges, and other educational organizations employ people with advanced
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