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Small Business Enterprise

Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Small Business Performance 3 3. Chosen Organization 4 3.1 Nature of the Organization 5 3.2 Scope of business 5 3.3 Performance of UKRD Group 6 3.4 Strength of UKRD Group 6 3.5 Weaknesses of UKRD Group 7 4. Removing weaknesses 8 4.1 improving the strength 10 5. Appropriateness and effectiveness of existing business plan 12 5.1 Improved business plan 12 6. Impact of the changes in the business 13 6.1 Monitoring of the system 13 7. Conclusion 14

1. Introduction

In the period of the 1950s and 1960s the prominence given to the role of small business enterprise in the UK economy has been rewarded (Stanworth and Purdy, 2003). IN the economy of the UK 99.9 per
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In March 2010 it was ranked 1st in the Sunday Times best communications to work for small and medium business organizations. In March 2011 IT achieved the 1st ranking position In the Sunday Times Best Companies work for and in the following two years it has maintained its 1st position in 2012 and 2013.

3.1 Nature of the Organization

UKRD Group is the organization of broadcasting industry with its headquarters in Redruth in United Kingdom. The core products of UKRD Group are the local radio. From the start of the organization it was in continuous growth. UKRD Group playing its operations by serving the people of United Kingdom with its radio stations by keeping them update about the recent news.

3.2 Scope of business

As UKRD Group is an organization from broadcasting industry it has a good scope to make its business with the mass people. The common people are the listener of the radio stations and the satisfaction of the listeners may open new scopes for the UKRD Group. The company is in the position with the Sunday Times award that it can its business with more acceptable situation that the customers will take willingly.

3.3 Performance of UKRD Group

The performance of UKRD Group is in the satisfactory position in the terms and the situations of the Company overall. It is achieving the Sunday Times award for last three years with 1st position. The growth of this company in a satisfactory level which indicate that it’s performance is in good position.
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