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HRM case study Beachside Hotel Human Capital Dilemma Questions: 1. What system should Brian implement in order to start changing the human capital practices in the Beachside Hotel? After studying the case, the general manager of Beachside Hotel Mr. Brian should implement certain systems in the hotel. As the situation is quite complicated, first of all he have to try to analyze what the problem is. Because there is no problem with the account and finance department. According to my case analysis there is problem with the human resource department. And I think there is mistake done by the Hotel. Ms. Mary who cannot even handle serving guests at the front desk is promoted to human resource department. And she has been working there since…show more content…
Hotel is a place where the staffs or the employees have to face many customers and visitors. So, politeness, good behavior are the key words in these kinds of organization. But in the Beachside hotel it’s different. Bad behavior with the customers and employees as well, delay in the works e.t.c prevails in the hotel. So, Mr. Brian should learn something from Mr. Joe, the general manager of sunrise hotel, that is, the area around the hotel especially tourist areas are very important so they should be preserved well. And employees in the organization are assets to the organization. So, he needs to encourage and develop the capabilities of his staffs. For this he should provide development programs designed to give everyone information, that will help them do their job better and stick to the organization for their own security and benefits. So, there should be certain plans, policies, rules and regulations in the organization to maintain smooth operation. To encourage the able employees and threat the incapable employees according to the situation. As Mr. Joe does in his hotel. And general manager needs to be flexible as Joe is. He should be dynamic and friendly to all and a team player. 3. How could training and development programs be implemented in the Beachside Hotel in order to help with turnover and occupancy rates at the hotel? In this case study training and development program is very essential in the
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