Small Business Marketing Strategy

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Small Business Marketing Strategy Small Business Marketing Strategy Introduction Electronic resources comprising electronic marketing have continually shown how business men respond to the ever changing market situations through the provision of various resources and tools with which to run and manage marketing activities. There has been an emphasis on attributes of the soul electronic technologies e.g. SMS marketing (Doyle 2001; Griffiths 2003), M-Marketing (Barwise and Strong 2002) and Internet marketing. A summary definition encompassing the mentioned characteristics of electronic marketing refers to the process of facilitating marketing by applying electronic appliances, techniques, devices, tools, systems and technologies (Peterson 1997). Business Marketing Strategy Promotion and Design Marketing Strategies The advertising strategies of the organization should be made impacting to the market by increasing product demand which follows desirable designs. Well structured promotion will certainly increase the market price of the electronic products in the small business. Brand promotion can just but increase demand but cannot create it. Tasks associated with promotion are mainly: brand development, creating product image as well as brand loyalty. Marketing is all about advertising, which involves a cluster of activities whose objectives are to inform the user or customer through elements such as visual, audio and audio visual messages. This allows customers to
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