Small Business and Secret Acres Essay

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What steps might Matthews and Avelino take to create demand for their books? How must a small business like Secret Acres balance supply with demand? In order for Matthews and Avelino to help create a demand for their books, one must get into the mindset that demand is driven by price; therefore they may want to decrease or try to keep the price of their books lower than that of their competitors in order to increase the demand of their books and/or services. In order to decrease or keep their prices competitively low, they must think about their supplies. In supplying, the more books that they print, the lower the price they can get. However, since Secret Acres is a small business with very limited ability, they can only create the…show more content…
Disadvantages: Risk of Failure Limited potential and The limited ability to raise capital How would you categorize the competition that Secret Acres faces? I would categorize Secret Acres as an monopolistic competition because of the simple fact that even though Secret Acres has many competitors, each business either offers slightly different product, or some uniqueness to its business, however, all business are competing for the same consumers in the end. Do you think Secret Acres should pursue online distribution through e-readers and other delivery systems? Why or Why not? I absolutely do think that Secret Acres should pursue online distribution through e-readers and other avenues via the internet or World Wide Web. In today’s economy and market, businesses whether it is new and starting up or one that has already been established for some time are always facing changes and challenges when it comes to surviving in today’s business times. One of
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