Small Cap Diaphragm

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In the recording session, listening to all the tracks, I chose two different microphones from the MXL 800 series- the large and the small caps diaphragm. Both microphones were condenser microphones. Listening to both microphones at the track I discovered few interesting facts between them. First, I mange to listen to the smaller cap both on the recorded hammer part of the piano and the recorded strings and I find that both microphone had different sound. For the small cap that was recorded on the hammer of the piano sound decent yet it sounded little muddy. It sounded like when it had an insert plug-in of a chorus or modulation that when the key was stroked the sound was aggressively vibrating, the piano’s sustain was little aggressive- Picturing if there was a lot of sound waves combined together. Also it sounded as if the piano was played in a small room which the sound sounded much tied. Next, the smaller cap on string recording, sounded much more balanced. It sounded tied yet the every note on the piano sounded realistic. Moreover, the dynamic range was wide enough that it was easy to listen to especially it had good amount of bass and harmonics of the piano. The microphone sound more open rather than narrow sound like the hammered one.
On the larger cap diaphragm condenser microphone on
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The microphones produced many important elements such as larger diaphragms records more sound of highs and lows yet I learned it has a disadvantage if it records too much sound for example on the strings of the piano, it can sound very muddy and bombarded with different frequencies. Similarly with small caps on hammers can cause trouble- when concentrates too much on one area which it becomes a dominant sound overall of the recording. Furthermore, this I came to acknowledge the fact that Microphones compliment the artist when it position
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